Africa Biomass

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Project Description

In cooperation with our African partners in Nigeria, PT Exosphere Angkasa Laut supply Palm Kernel Shells African origin, mainly for European market. Our supply ability is 200.000 Metric Ton annually and target to increase gradually up to 500.000 Metric Ton in 2020.

We are now having a long term supply contract with major Power Plants in Croatia of 180.000 Metric Ton annually and we continue to establish joint operation with local sources to increase the capacity in order to provide sustainable supply to our European biomass market. Some discussion are being made for expanding new market in the United States.

We also supply Coconut Husk from Ghana with supply ability of 250.000 Metric Ton annualy.
Our strength lies in an innovative approach to the trading in a way that guarantees quality control. Our expert trading team has many years of experience sourcing products around the world at the lowest prices.