Indonesia Biomass

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Project Description

PT. Exosphere Angkasa Laut is a trading company for biomass products Indonesia origin such as Palm Kernel Shells, Coconut Husk, Wood Pellet, Wood Chips, Empty Fruit Bunches, mainly for Asian market.

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) is a by-product of palm oil industry that becoming an alternative renewable energy biomass fuel resources. PKS contains lower moisture level compared to other biomass residues and also contains the residue of Palm Oil which is resulting a slightly higher amount of heat released during the combustion. The uniform and an easy to handle size of PKS also becoming an advantage PKS as a biomass fuel.

We are now in negotiation for long term project for Palm Kernel Shells with major Power Plants in Japan and some other new markets with target sales in 2020 up to 500.000 Metric Ton annually.